The Broken line, The Flowing Line

I enjoy looking through my old drawings. Here are two representing different approaches.

IMG 0304, ID 1865
” Two Women”, 29 x 22.5, ink on paper, 1981
IMG 0295, ID 1860
> The Jitters ” 21 x 18 1983 ¬†SOLD

In # 1 ” Two Women”, the flowing line is calm – focused on the form and an intimate warm scene with smooth bodies . There is a softness in the flowing hair, a warmth in their bodies in a relaxed moment . They are young and seem to be on a mission, are they dressing or undressing?



The other, # 2, “The Jitters”, is frantic. Something is going on, something has set their nerves on edge, an argument, two figures lost and disturbed. We will never know. But it is alive and has an electric feeling. There is some damage to this work. It is from 1983 and has traveled from studio to studio. On a damaged ¬†work like this the price must be reduced, usual by one third. Both drawings are full of meaning and challenge the viewers mind.

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