Coming Apart

” Coming apart ” 54 x 56 o/c 1989

There are times in life that one can feel they are coming apart, or feeling very disjointed. I have had this feeling at times in my life, thankfully not too often. I don’t think it is an uncommon feeling for people to have. There are people who resort to drugs or alcohol to mask these feelings.

Artists are fortunate to have a pressure valve for these times. The feeling can be released through their work. Painting and poetry are two means I use to express these feelings. I was looking at Goya’s work and saw how he could adjust to situations. He was able to paint a gorgeous woman one day then express his feeling about the agony and the horrors of war. Picasso the same way, he would paint the monstrosities of war one day then a vase of flowers the next. Giacometti and his elongated sculptures in what looks like a dream state. I feel grateful to have the ability to do this. There are times we go to bed feeling one way and wake up feeling a different way, this leads to diffident forms of expression. For some people it’s a blessing , for others a curse.

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