Mad cow disease.

” Cow with Sponge-Form” 16 x 22.

The latest Ebola out break takes me back to Mad cow disease and the spongy form that got into ones system and would slowly eat the brain away , all because of greed. Farmers fed their cows the remains of slaughtered cattle turning them into cannibals. They had been warned about this in the late forties. They had been told that cows would go mad if fed meat. Ignoring this warning they mixed spinal cord and brains where the spongy forms live with the cow feed.It was unforgivable as they where well aware that cows are not carnivorous. China  to this day will  not buy US beef for fear of Mad Cow disease .

When reading of this problem it led me to a series of mad cow works to point out how greed can blind people to the misery it can bring. Fortunately Mad Cow disease is a much more controllable situation than Ebola. Ebola is not as contagious as the flu that can kill 30,000 people a year, but it sure  is an insidious disease.

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