Duck Dynasty and Isis.

I have to revisit this subject, as it bothers me that there is still such cruelty around the world. I recently saw ISIS marching prisoners off to dig  their own graves. Young men half clothed and stooped, then filling a building with prisoners and blowing it up. It took me back to images of the Nazis rounding upDSCF2955 Jews, a nightmare! The least I could do is record it’s gruesome image in paint.

Then I hear comments from Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson  saying “If they do not convert, then kill them.” Who are these Duck Dynasty people ? They sit down to dinner and say grace,then turn around and say ” Kill them “?  That is very sick. I am not a religious man but for Jews and Christians there is a commandment. “Thou shalt not kill”.  Obviously, they do not agree with this commandment. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on these quacks.

I will say no more as I have contempt for both groups. Let the painting talk.

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