Peter Hutchinson – Art and Nature

DSCF3053 (2)
Process for 4-part Thown Rope Piece. Photograph and ink drawing. Peter Hutchinson

I met Peter Hutchinson forty odd years ago. His work has always attracted me. He works with nature in a very poetical way. Much of his work is documented by photography. I acquired a work seen here, “Process for 4-part thrown Rope Piece” in the Eighties. It was in the Venice Biannale.

Hutchinson now lives in Provincetown, Mass on a plot of land about half an acre. It is of an irregular shape. When I visit him and he shows me around his garden, I have the feeling  that it is what it must have been  like to visit Darwin. Everything is overgrown. He plants trees with odd sounding names and exotic plants. He points out these oddities as he guides one around the little patch of nature. He never weeds from what I can see. He is observing nature in it’s natural form . It is interesting because as Provincetown has rapidly developed and he is completely surrounded by properties that have been renovated and gussied up, he sits in his patch of land so over grown that one cannot see beyond his fence. There are small garden sheds that are filled with jars and bottles growing an assortment of mystical, magical plants. It is as if he is growing out of nature. One would not be surprised if Adam and Eve popped up. Inside his house/studio there are things growing everywhere, A small fish tank with tiny colored fish darting about in murky greenish yellowish water among underwater plants. He is observing all of this growth around him. Like I say, he is an observer like Darwin and gaining great knowledge and insight as to how the world ticks through nature.

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