War. 2014

It seems no mater how often people protest war, and people quote “how civilised we have become” the brutality  continues. One would not care so much if it was a bunch of bearded or balding  old farts who are the ones who cause these situations, to battle it out between one another, killing and maiming one each other. But oh no. Ones like Cheney , Bush, and Rumsfeld to name a few sit in their comfotable homes sending the young off to die and wrecking havoc on women and children. They misuse their power.

“War. 2014”

Artists over the years have come out againt the brutality of war. Picasso, and Goya, to name a couple, have done their bit to deter war. I would like to contribute my part to those efforts. Recently in Iraqi a group of people where mowed down and left in a mass grave. Also in Iraqi, prisoners where herded into a building and the building was blow up. Seems things will never change. Google Goya’s etchings on war, orPicasso’s depictions of the ” Killing of the inocent” They are eye openers.

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