Bill Barrell & Arthur Cohen

" Arther Cohen In Mimi Grosses studio " Oil on wood"
” Arther Cohen In Mimi Gross’s studio ” Oil on wood”


" Floating Heat "  46 X 60 O/C 2014
” Floating Heat ” 46 X 60 O/C 2014



It’s going to be a great honor to show with Arthur Cohen at Gallery Ehva  in Provincetown, MA. The Opening is on August 15th. 


Arthur was a great painter and a really close friend. We exchanged so much correspondence that I started what I called ” The Cohen Files”.  He loved the act of writing and seemed unable to write a letter without adding a picture or diagram of what he was writing about. He watched old movies and was influenced by them. If he was into Humphrey Bogart, he would start acting and talking like him. Or it could be Cagney or Karloff. He could do great imitations of them all.

 His Jeep played a big role in his life. It lent itself to Arthur’s penchant for fixing things up Rube Goldberg style. He transformed it into a rolling studio. Pull a string here or push a button there and shades or small paint tables would appear or it would be brush holders with dispensers for turps or cleaning fluids that clipped onto the steering wheel.  There were shades from every angle to cut out the sun.

Great Guy, Great Artist

Brazil.I’m getting a lot of hits from Brazil. But no comments from them. Leave a comment you guys. You can leave it in Portugese. I lived in Lisbon so know a little of that language. Do any of you know Jay Milder? We are partners in a building here in Pensylvania.









War. 2014

It seems no mater how often people protest war, and people quote “how civilised we have become” the brutality  continues. One would not care so much if it was a bunch of bearded or balding  old farts who are the ones who cause these situations, to battle it out between one another, killing and maiming one each other. But oh no. Ones like Cheney , Bush, and Rumsfeld to name a few sit in their comfotable homes sending the young off to die and wrecking havoc on women and children. They misuse their power.

“War. 2014”

Artists over the years have come out againt the brutality of war. Picasso, and Goya, to name a couple, have done their bit to deter war. I would like to contribute my part to those efforts. Recently in Iraqi a group of people where mowed down and left in a mass grave. Also in Iraqi, prisoners where herded into a building and the building was blow up. Seems things will never change. Google Goya’s etchings on war, orPicasso’s depictions of the ” Killing of the inocent” They are eye openers.