“Landing in Provincetown” . Cancelled


I wrote a blog last month about one of my upcoming shows in Provincetown at the Julie Heller Gallery on the 1 st of August titled, “Landing in Provincetown”. Well, it has turned into a bit of a bumpy landing.

The show has been cancelled due to some discord among some of the artists in the gallery. I feel bad for Julie Heller, owner, who went out on a limb to allow me to show in another gallery, The Ehva Gallery. It was gutsy and generous of her. She has been around the Provincetown art scene for some time now and knows the ropes.  Artists are renown for helping one another but then there are some who are small minded and think mainly of themselves.

” Reaching out ” 22 X 28 . O/C 2014

I was one of the original founding members of the OIA (Organization of Independent Artists) that organized shows in federal buildings in NY City and Washington. It is still in existance. We also put together an exhibition at Lincoln Center NY City called “Dissonance an Harmony “, all of this done on a voluntary basis. We helped artists get exposure in main thoroughfares with publicity and media exposure. This was all about good will, there was no back biting or animosity if one artist attracted more attention than another, good for them

I love the art community and have always been supportive of it. One would think that artists would be pleased to see another artist get a break and have back to back shows in a town that has nurtured him,  been supportive of him, in a place that was seminal in his art career and has paid a lot of dues. I bear no malice to anyone who objected and perhaps I understand their grievances. But – they must remember it is small minded to act in such a way and small minded acts breeds contempt which in turn can lead to  small minded art.

Art is the great process of expanding the mind. By exploration of the inner depths of the mind of how we see and feel and how we interpret those feeling. It’s a never ending process and an endless search for the elusive truth. So few choose this route and there are failures, but even those who fail are appreciated by so many who are not blessed with the desire or courage to make the attempt,  They appreciate and understand the hardships involved for those who do.



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