Landing in Provincetown

42 x 48. o/c 1970.
42 x 48. o/c 1970.  “Landing in Provincetown”


I have just sent an image to the Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown Mass. It will be used in an article about an upcoming exhibition I will be having there this August. The image I sent is entitled ,”The Landing”.  It did not occur to me, until writing this post, that Provincetown is where the Pilgrims first landed before heading on to Plymouth. It is also where I landed in 1956 to be transformed from a factory worker into an artist.

I remember well a re-enactment of the Pilgrims landing in Provincetown back in 1957  when a replica of The Mayflower arrived in Provincetown from Plymouth, England. It was my first summer in Provincetown and I camped on the beach at High Head Rd Beach. One morning, I awoke and while drinking my tea I spied a sail on the horizon. Not unusual for the Cape, sailboats are all over the place. But this one looked odd. It slowly got closer and I realized it was from another time and place. It was news to me that the Mayflower was doing a re-enactment of the Pilgrim crossing. Unfortunately, the wind was against them and they could not make it around Race Point. The Coast Guard had to come around the point and tow them in. I went into town and watched them anchor at the west end of town near the Red Inn.

A group of town officials and a collector, who later became very supportive of my work, Walter Chrysler,  donning Pilgrim hats with shiny buckles and with black cloaks billowing around them, had rowed out to witness the signing of “the Mayflower Compact“. That document was to become the foundation of how things were to be run in this country. It could just be coincidental that I sent this image, but it could it also have come about by subconscious thought. I’ll never know.

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