Ship of Fools

DSCF2846Here is a recent work that came out of the blue, “Ship of Fools “.  Starting out on a small canvas, a boat shape started to appear. I was off and running with this theme. It is hardly a new theme but is a great place to revisit.

Sometimes it can seem like the world is populated with boat loads of fools. Although this painting is not aimed at anyone in particular, it does make me think of some current situations. Take the Tea Party for instance. This is the perfect metaphor for them. Aimlessly running around, often in circles with no positive direction and every one of them a leader wishing to go in a different direction. But it can really be applied to many different situations at the moment.

One is of the art world being pulled in many different directions, not sure which way is up. The super wealthy are using it as a business to make money by flipping art as if it were houses and creating a false market. But it has to be older, supposedly gilt edged art.

There are priceless works of art. Work that cannot be bought or replaced. Why the inflated prices today? It has become a commodity. Unlike oil,sugar, wheat and other products it makes the super rich feel close to the truth when they deal in art, which is what art is all about. But as the old saying goes. ” It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven” . But they will try every means necessary.

Gone are the days of wealthy collectors who prowled around artists studios looking for fresh work and bargains. All of the current multimillion dollar works were purchased by astute collectors like Walter Chrysler, Murchison, Jules Fleshmann, Hudson Walker and others who loved to poke around studios, rub up against the greats and enhance not only their collections but their lives. They could drop a couple of thousand and walk away with great art. We should encourage a new generation of collectors to go out there and explore the studios that are full of treasures.



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