Painters Sometimes Wish They Had Eight Arms

beneith (3)I have a young artist living in my building,”Bullseye Arts” He is a great tenant and a dedicated artist. His name is Joey Gourniak.

Joey Gourniak paints in many different styles. I would have liked very much to have talked about his more abstract and funky work than this one he sent to me. There is one painting of an octopus that makes me think of a painter with eight arms.  I personally appreciate his more abstract work than the one he sent to me shown here, “Changing Limits From Beneath The City”. But, I’ll work with what I have.

Here, we have Joey Gourniak as he saw himself as an innocent young boy, but with budding sexual desires. Scantily dressed young women appear in these works popping up like spring flowers and very pleasing to the eye. Octopus swim around in the city air with their eight arms trailing and reminding me of a Spanish saying, “God made one mistake, he should have given us one finger and five penises” These octopus trail through the air forming huge eyes along with the tail of a whale that form an inquisitive face descending from the sky that is full of planets. These works tend toward design and one wonders if these works were pushed more toward Art Nouveau that they would benefit greatly from the more fluid approach of that movement – Gustav Klimt’s glitter, Alfonse Mucha’s swirling hair and Lautrec’s humor and shadow play.

Joey Gourniak’s abstract work is a much deeper approach and a direction I hope to see him going. Perhaps, like his octopus, he will sprout more arms and be able to cover more bases. Next time I hope he will send me some of the more down to earth paintings, paintings that I feel form the bedrock of his art and show the more humanistic feel for art.


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