Floating Head

Floating HeadHere is a work that has been evolving for months. ” Floating Head ” . It has sat for months unfinished. When do we know it is finished ? Hard to say. Someone said it takes two people to paint a painting , one to paint it the other to take it away  before it’s ruined. There is always something that you want to tweak. Always a shape, form , colour or content that one wants to change. One can tweak it here or there and two or three other problems will crop up. Other paintings can be finished in one fell swoop.

This painting takes me into a world I have known, a world I can share and a world I am about to discover. I can look and float off into a realm I have known and the place that I live in now. A kind of a paradise that is never free of problems. Art is fraught with problems , but then solving problems is what life seems to be about. Nobody is without them and one is endlessly untying the knots they present . It’s a daily chore. But most of them are solvable one way or another. In painting it can be a little different. There is a lot of patience involved and a struggle with ones self trying to find the answer. Also it is a labor of love, there is no paycheck at the end of the week. A painting is the end result of these struggles and very often exposes feelings that are rough and jagged and just as often beautiful resting places that make us feel like better people as a result of the journey.

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