Pioneers from Provincetown.

Untitled (Top Hat)On July 19 Th. PAAM ( Provincetown Art Association and Museum ) will present, ” Pioneers from Provincetown ” . To Quote Adam Zuker on the announcement : ” This exhibition represents a missing link in American modernism by presenting an alternative history to the celebrated New York School and it’s Abstract Expressionist and Color Field painters. In the fifties a new wave of painters invigorated Cape Cod’s artistic community and challenged the abstract authority, using the figure as the key structural element in their compositions. As a group at large these seminal Figurative Expressionists. include , Lester Johnson , Jan Muller, Bob Thompson , Tony Vevers , Red Grooms , Robert Beauchamp , Bill Barrell , Robert De Niro Sr; George Mcneil , Peter Passuntino , Gandy Brody , Mimi Gross , Yvonne Anderson , Jay Milder , Bob Henry < Salina Trieff , Wolf Kahn , and Emilio Cruz. This is a very important show for art history in America. There are two other Exhibitions in the works dealing with this period that was somehow neglected and over looked . One is being proposed for the Grey Gallery dealing with the late fifties and early the sixties. The other in the Essex St Market , placing older artists from that period with artists from the new emerging artists. This show may use Bill Barrells and Irene Barrell's " Colossal Fruit and Vegtable Show " shown in a stall in the market in 1969. It accents the use of "Alterative Spaces " to exhibit art.These two shows are planed for late 2014 . Seen Here is a painting " The Magician " 1963 that will be in the show. Hope you can get to see this show coming up on the 19 Th. of July. Unfortunately it is not open to the public untill Saturday the 20 Th. For information go to : .

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  1. I love your blog. One day I would love to be like you. It’s nice to get a perspective from down the road. Makes you aarpecipte life everyday. Hope you enjoyed your time out of the city.

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