The old artist

My beautiful pictureRembrandt has always been one of my favorite artists. This painting was inspired by an etching that was on the cover of a drawing pad I bought thirty years ago. It was a self portrait by Rembrant. This painting is not like the etching but it made me think of the old masters. Back in the seventeenth century there was no indoor lighting as we know it today and one had to have a good north window with a steady and constant light. I guess when the sun went down that was it, you where through for the day. Vincent van Gogh defied the dark and went out at night with candles stuck to his hat.That must have been a real sight. I beleive he did a self portrait in that mode.It was a straw hat and he was lucky not to set his hair in fire, as if it were not red enough. He was so aware of his colours that it hardly mattered what light he painted in. I wanted to have a painting that would have the feeling of what it was like painting without electricity. One time 1956 I was out for a walk across the dunes in Provincetown Mass when I came across an artist painting away. He had sunglasses on and I had the nerve to ask him how he could see the colours properly. He said. “When you have been painting as long as I have you know all the colours out there”. So does it matter how good the light is
when one paints? Well it’s good to have good light but as van Gogh proved it does not have to be perfect. I think solitude is one of the important things for me and this painting shows how peacefull and thought provoking painting can be.

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