Crucified Monkey

Monkey crucifixion
Monkey crucifixion

How did this painting, come collage, come about?
On the way to my studio one day
I saw a monkey doll in the garbage.
It looked at me as if pleading to be saved.
I plucked it from the trash and took it on to
the studio.
It hung around for awhile waiting to be
incorporated into my work. One day I placed it
on a piece of wood panel. I arranged it this way and that
not knowing which way to go and thought I might
just attatch it to the board. Spreading its arms out
I stapled them to the board. It immediately
brought the image of a crucifiction to mind.
Hence the cross.

I am not a religious man but a man who does
understand the rights and wrongs in life. Perhaps
from my childhood lessons at Sunday school
I learned about the Good Samaritan
and “do unto others as you would unto yourself”
These thoughts have stayed with me through today.

Putting the monkey on a cross creates an image that may
aggravate some. It does make one think. When we think
crucifiction we think of Christ. But it was a common way of
excecuting people in the old days. So there it hangs
looking at me asking to be saved. I think evan if I took
it off the cross it would still have that look. I have
to keep reminding myself it’s a doll.

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