Grand Children

DSCN4467I am trying out my new hand at blogging. My sister-in-law has done it and edited it in the past so here I go.

Having grand kids is fun especialy when it comes to art. They are totally uninhibited and work with great concerntration. I work with them but only to provide the stuff to work with. No instruction. I think that Picasso at times wanted so desperatly to get back to those uninhibeted days, it’s tough to do, I think impossible realy when you have been through academic training.

I am going to show a sculpture here that we all worked on. It took my ability with a hot glue gun to put it together. But it was the kids who decided what went where. I should show one of thier painting od drawings but have not photographed any of that work yet.This sculpture is a joint effort. Now to try and get this thing on the site. Lets see, what’s the next stage.


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