The family commission

DSCF2389recent changesI had a request for a painting to go over a fire place by my daughter.
Been struggling with it for months on and off. Finally I think I have what
I want and I hope she wants.
I have included all of the family members with me dashing across the studio
with brush in hand. There is Ruby with a quizicle look, Oliver siting hugging his
knees, Dan represented by a portrait, looking very Italian and Liza seated like a model, in a light
blue dress. There is a statue of a kneeling figure naked representing Nana
the Easton godess of love and good fortune.I left out Auntie Susan for no
particular reason and probably should have left myself out, dashing around.

Crucified Monkey

Monkey crucifixion
Monkey crucifixion

How did this painting, come collage, come about?
On the way to my studio one day
I saw a monkey doll in the garbage.
It looked at me as if pleading to be saved.
I plucked it from the trash and took it on to
the studio.
It hung around for awhile waiting to be
incorporated into my work. One day I placed it
on a piece of wood panel. I arranged it this way and that
not knowing which way to go and thought I might
just attatch it to the board. Spreading its arms out
I stapled them to the board. It immediately
brought the image of a crucifiction to mind.
Hence the cross.

I am not a religious man but a man who does
understand the rights and wrongs in life. Perhaps
from my childhood lessons at Sunday school
I learned about the Good Samaritan
and “do unto others as you would unto yourself”
These thoughts have stayed with me through today.

Putting the monkey on a cross creates an image that may
aggravate some. It does make one think. When we think
crucifiction we think of Christ. But it was a common way of
excecuting people in the old days. So there it hangs
looking at me asking to be saved. I think evan if I took
it off the cross it would still have that look. I have
to keep reminding myself it’s a doll.

Grand Children

DSCN4467I am trying out my new hand at blogging. My sister-in-law has done it and edited it in the past so here I go.

Having grand kids is fun especialy when it comes to art. They are totally uninhibited and work with great concerntration. I work with them but only to provide the stuff to work with. No instruction. I think that Picasso at times wanted so desperatly to get back to those uninhibeted days, it’s tough to do, I think impossible realy when you have been through academic training.

I am going to show a sculpture here that we all worked on. It took my ability with a hot glue gun to put it together. But it was the kids who decided what went where. I should show one of thier painting od drawings but have not photographed any of that work yet.This sculpture is a joint effort. Now to try and get this thing on the site. Lets see, what’s the next stage.