Guest Artist

I met Tony Vevers and his family in the late fifties. I had just started on my painting career. I learned so much from him not just about art but about a way of life and how important family is. He had a beautiful wife Elspeth and the had two beautiful young daughters, Stephanie and Tabitha. Their  home was very warm with Tony’s work hanging around. They lived a frugal spartan life.

by Tony Vevers
Picnic at Herring Run by Tony Vevers

The place was heated with an oil stove that did not seem to produce much heat. One winter I baby sat for them. I went in to check on the kids to make sure they were covered. On the way out I noticed a glass of water next to Tony and Elspeth’s bed.
It had ice on it. That’s how cold it was. I mentioned on one blog about Myron Stout and how we enjoyed a picnic together at Herring Run a little brook that meanders through a meadow in Truro. It captures the essence of that warm Spring day that was memorable. So memorable we both painted it. My depiction of it was sold and I have no Idea where or who owns it. Some day it will pop up.
It gives me great pleasure to show this work thanks to Elspeth who still has it. Elspeth is also an artist and constructs boxes that a worlds unto themselves. The is a Cornell influence here but they touch on different feeling, more mysterious more mystical.
If you want to read more about this picnic scroll down to the piece I did on Myron Stout.