Flying Dreams

It is rare for me to turn my dreams into paintings, but once in awhile it happens. This painting is of a dream about flying.

"The Attempt at Flying"
Attempt at Flying, 52" x 72", 1980

I am sure flying is a common dream among dreamers. In this particular dream, I had the handle of a lawn mower in my hands. All I had to do was hold it out in front of me with both hands and then turn the handle back towards me. Up I would go at great speed reaching great heights. I would look down and see my brother and then zoom down to surprise him.

I have had this flying dream quite often. In one dream I was way up above the Empire State Building when I thought to take a good look at what I was holding. A wooden handle!! How could a wooden handle take me to such great heights and places? The minute I had that thought, I plummeted earthward. At about twenty feet off the ground, I turned the handle heavenward and the power came back on! What a relief! Up I went, my confidence was back. I continued zooming around town but had become aware that if I doubted the power of the handle I would lose the ability to fly.

How would a shrink interpret this? Well, I think it is quite simple. Don’t lose faith in one’s self. However, I am also sure that a shrink could make much more of this. The heights – the falling – the buildings – my brother – the handle. Who knows, it could be all kinds of stuff.

So anyway,  I did this painting of my flying dream expressing my hopes and fears. In my painting, I have sprouted wings that perhaps act like a parachute in case my flying handle fails me again.  Of course, like the Wright Brothers knew, flying carries the risk of crashing, but it’s worth it.

I have not had a flying dream in a while. Maybe this blog will bring one on.

Have you had any dreams where you can fly? Has it inspired you?