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Today, the first of January 2011, Bill Barrell had a play date with his granddaughter, Ruby Feltimo.

Grandpa's Portrait

…. I made my playdate today with my granddaughter, Ruby, into a work play date. I asked her to do my portrait. She loves painting so she was delighted.

 I set her up with paints and brushes, hung a canvas 38×28 on the wall, pulled up a comfortable chair, relaxed and let her go at it.

 She needed a little prodding here and there but nothing much, just a “take a good look at me”  now and then. She went at it in her four and a half year old childlike way.

It was different from slopping paint around on paper. It was the first time she had painted with something in mind. She had a head shape down and I said it would look good with a pair of eyes. She grabbed the brush and dabbed in two eyes. She sat back and looked at it and her face turned into a big smile. I said, do I have ears?  She took a good hard look and painted my ears in.

Once, Ruby had said she wanted to be a doctor. Her Nanna asked her, how about being an  artist? She indignantly said ” I am an artist”.

Well, she is. All we have to watch for is teachers trying to teach her how to do perspective , shading and realism.

She dated this painting 1-1-11. It hangs in my loft in a very well lit prominent place. I love it, her and the fact we made a memorable play date.

Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “My Portrait”

  1. It looks like your a happy Grandfather, Bill. It’s wonderful to pass the genes on. I see your face has regained quite a bit of its healthy color.

  2. I know where your granddaughter gets her talent!! I love your website and your work.. very impressive!
    From your swedish nurse at LVH!

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