The Sap Is Rising

 This winter has been a tough one here in Pennsylvania. I believe there were even a few records shattered. It seemed endless. Now it’s almost spring. 



 As expressed in this painting, the plants and living creatures have all come back to life and the birds are all a twitter.  It is really a grand time of year.

 An old English song celebrates this time of year. It lets you know that spring has arrived and it goes like this.

 Between the acorn and the elm with a hey

 and a ho and hay nonny no,

  true lovers love the spring.

 In the springtime, the one and only spring time

  when birds do a sing

 hey ring a ding a ding

 true lovers love the spring.


Yes, we have come out from under the covers as the daffodils and crocuses have come out from under last year’s dead leaves. 

 There is a force that is hard to miss in spring. The fall kind of peters out slowly in all of its blazing glory, but the spring lets you know it has arrived with a bang. It reaches skyward, bursting into color. Insects are suddenly buzzing around. Birds have come back and are busy mating. People have shed their layers of armor against winter’s harsh, dark and cold days. Women are competing with the flowers in their light dresses.

 Painting can capture and hold these precious moments. In the dead of winter I can look at Vincent van Gogh’s painting of Irises and feel the sap rising. I don’t have van Gogh’s Irises, but I do have my own interpretation of spring that I can gaze upon in the dead of winter and think of the sap rising.

2 thoughts on “The Sap Is Rising”

  1. The sap is running here too in Maine with record temperatures of near 70 degrees F. these last few days in March…but I haven’t seen too many buds open yet…You living further South…more is in bloom I’m sure. Bill, I love your website and all your stories. I loved the one of you having a picnic with the Vevers Family and Myron Stout…and the Trout/Herring…especially because I know Tony, his wife, and daughters. Your stories and your paintings are so alive and colorful. And reading of your time livinging in the SoHo before it was called that is fun too. You are one of my favorite painters by far. So vibrant and colorful! gaby

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