Four O’clock in the Morning

Bill Barrell writes of  his painting “Four O’Clock in the Morning” – that time of night when troubles sometimes loom large in the mind.

4:00 in the Morning
Four O'Clock in the Morning

–  This is a painting that depicts the early hours of the morning. It’s that time, usually  about four in the morning, when one is unable to sleep and yet too tired to get up. It’s an awful time that I think is experienced by many people at one time or another. All the boogey men and women come out to play and only the depressing thoughts seem to want to come to the fore.  Things get blown out of proportion like health concerns, mortgage problems, world problems, sleeping concerns – you name it, it will raise its ugly head.

I do not plan these paintings but while in the process of painting – a shape, a form, color or image will sometimes trigger the painting.  Once the process is underway, it will bring to mind deep inner thoughts and fears. Then, images and symbols I have squirreled away in my mind will appear on the canvas.  –

One thought on “Four O’clock in the Morning”

  1. I have a large obsidian sphere that a hold in the palm of my hand just for that reason, you should try it! Obsidian absorbs and grounds all the negative thoughts, then back to sleep.


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