Bad News – Good News

Bill Barrell weighs in today on the news of the last couple of days. Receiving both good and bad news in one day leaves much to reflect on.  Bill finds the common thread between both events in this painting, “The Broken Knee”.

54 inches x 70 inches, 1997, oil on canvas


— It is hardly news to anybody at this point, but Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake. Today is certainly a sad day in history.

It is an odd time for me as I heard good and bad news in one day. I had been planning to write about an “up” painting, but it does not seem the appropriate time now. First the terrible news about Haiti and then the good news –  my son JZ Barrell was nominated for Emmy award. So, I have posted a work about my son called “The Broken Knee” which I think relates to both events.

The painting is of my son,  JZ.  A few years back, he had busted his knee while performing at a concert. In the painting, my son is in the hospital after an operation with his leg in traction. He told me that they had given him such heavy doses of drugs that he was hallucinating. I told the doctors to cut back on the drugs because he had told me that he preferred some pain rather than have the hallucinations.  The painting symbolizes the pain my son went through. Yet still –  he came out on top of his profession.

I hope this work can convey some of the pain and suffering going on now in Haiti.  I’m sure with our help, Haiti also can come out on top.  Hopefully, we can all give generously to assist in that effort. I will be donating to the American Red Cross relief fund as soon as I sign off. I hope you will do the same.

One thought on “Bad News – Good News”

  1. Yes!, a very good rendition of what it’s like to have a shattered leg and have to much perocet. Then not enough…
    I can complain out medical care in NYC but it really looks awful down there in Haiti right now.

    Website looks great, keep on Bloojching.

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